04 / 05 / 2023

The partner of Villaseca Abogados, Loreto Vera, published in Diario Estrategia the opinion column “Women to Debit in Intellectual Property”.

The column acknowledges that in recent years there has been an increase in female participation in intellectual property. However, it highlights that there is still a significant gender gap.

For this reason, the text makes a call to celebrate and recognize female inventors, creators, and entrepreneurs to disseminate female talent in this area and attract more women to work for the development of Intellectual Property in Chile.

In addition, Loreto Vera says that it is necessary to identify the obstacles that are preventing the reduction of the gender gap in Intellectual Property and work to eliminate them.

“In a context where technological progress and innovation is essential for the development and economic growth of our country, we cannot waste the talent of thousands of women who, due to lack of opportunities or incentives, are being left out of Intellectual Property”, poses. Read the full column here: https://bit.ly/44cN1k3.