10 / 11 / 2017

According to data of the Cosmetic Industry Chamber, the illicit market of cosmetics products in Chile exceeds US$400 million, a significant proportion considering it sales about US$ 2.950 million each year.

This implies an important tax evasion to Custom Office and National Tax Services (more than US$95 million), in addition to the no payment of the taxes to the Public Health Institute. In this way it causes unfair competition, since some comply with the current regulations , other commercialize imported products , many times counterfeited , without any type of regulation nor sanitary control, which results in, among other things , the loss of formal jobs. Although probably the most serious problem is that these products jeopardize people’s health, because many of them have components such as lead, mercury, cyanide, arsenic, gasoline, and even glue.

Given the serious consequences that this illicit may cause, in multiple senses, it is necessary a joint effort of authorities and consumers: making the problem visible, creating awareness in respect of this scourge, learning and checking the cosmetic products labels, excluding absolutely de ones which do not have labels and abstaining of buying unknown origin products, through social medias.

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