16 / 09 / 2022

The partner of Villaseca Abogados, Felipe Pavez, recently published the opinion column “Industrial Property and Constitution” in El Mercurio Legal. In it, he explains the importance of protecting industrial property with a guarantee of constitutional rank, after the draft of the new Constitution (which was rejected at the beginning of September) excluded it from Chapter II of Fundamental Rights and Guarantees.

The column highlights how the industrial property has been a tool that encourages countries’ progress through innovation, knowledge, and technology, allowing creators and inventors to protect it, manage it and obtain economic benefits from their creations.

This —explains the text— has been reflected in the recognition that industrial property has had in international treaties signed by our country, becoming one of the most important chapters at the time of the negotiations.

A call is also made for the next proposal for a new Constitution to consider the value of industrial property and not lose its character as a constitutional guarantee, given its strategic importance for the present and future development of the country.

Read the full text in El Mercurio Legal: