Documents of Power and of Being able with Transfer to be used in the processing request of brands(marks), patents, models of utility, industrial designs, varieties of plants or you will cultivate and / or the record, renovation or obtaining right of Intellectual Property. For major facility, choose or the necessary documents in the following table:

Form A
Special power; to be used in the presentation of requests of patent in the name of: 1. The inventor (is); or 2. Third party (s) person (s), or societies – corporations who possess wide transfer and not limited all the rights of the invention of the inventor (it)(he),she)) (is). Also it(he) is used to present requests of record of brands(marks) and renovations of records of brands(marks). This type of Power can be used to present an indefinite number of requests, already be in simultaneous form or separately. When they present requests of patents in relation with 2) precedent, always it is indispensable to present a copy legalized of the transfer before mentioned.

Form B
Power and Transfer; it(he,she) is used to present requests of patents, industrial designs and models of utility when the solicitors are third(s) person(s) or societies are not holders of a general transfer of rights of the inventor(s).

This type of document can be used only once.

The previous forms must be formalized before a Public Notary, whose signature must be authenticated for the competent authority, being finally necessary to legalize the document before the Consul of Chile.

Form B1
Transfer; it is used to present requests of patents, industrial designs and / or models of previous utility existence of a General Power (It (He,She) Forms(Trains) A) addressed to the applicant and when the solicitors, third party(s) person(s) or societies are not holders of a general transfer of rights of the inventor(s).



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Industrial Property

  • Patent Cooperation Treaty. View PDF
  • Law Nº 19.039 of Industrial Property. View PDF
  • Regulation Rules of Law Nº 19.039 of Intellectual Property. View PDF
  • International Classifications of Trade Marks CIPSA. View PDF
  • Law Nº 18.455 of Origin Denomination. View PDF
  • Regulation Rules of Law Nº 18.455 of Origen Denomination. View PDF

Intelectual Property

  • Law Nº 20.143 of Intellectual Property. View PDF
  • Law Nº 17.336 of Intellectual Property. View PDF
  • Regulation Rules of Law Nº 17.336 of Intellectual Property. View PDF

New Plant Varieties

  • Law N º 19.342 of the Possesing ones of New Plant Varieties. View PDF
  • Regulate Rules of Law N º 19.342 of the Possesing ones of New Plant Varieties. View PDF
  • Trade related asoects of Intellectual Property “Tips”. View PDF
  • París Agreement for the Industrial Property. View PDF
  • Inter-American Convention on Author’s Copyright in Literary, Scientific and Artistic Works. View PDF
  • Universal Convention on Copyright. View PDF
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