04 / 12 / 2017

Since the end of November, the so-called Organic Seal identifies all processed Chilean agricultural products, which are produced under the category of organic, ecological or biological.

This initiative seeks to make transparent the inspection work carried out by the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) since the creation of the National Certification System for Organic Agricultural Products in Chile in 2006 through Law 20,089. This regulation includes all the production and marketing requirements that this type of product must meet to have the corresponding certification.

However, there were difficulties for the consumer to know if what he was buying was really organic. With this new seal, which must be included in the labeling of this type of products, there will be no doubts.

In addition, Chile has signed an agreement with the European Union for equivalence between its certification regulations so that by the first semester of 2018, any organic product may be exported to the European Union with Chilean stamp and certifications.

A similar agreement is currently being worked with the US, a very important market for our growers.


For more information, you can contact María Isabel Martínez: