01 / 04 / 2017

In March, 2017, the Customs Service of Chile seized in Iquique´s free port, a shipment of 238.418 sports sneakers with EILA label on them, for the property rights infringement of Fila Luxembourg SARL. Products arrived in 16 containers from China, which made this operation the biggest seizure in Chile´s history.

This sneakers, whose commercial shipping value reached an approximate value of 1 million dollars, where imported to be sold in Chile and other South American countries.

The seizure was carried through in accordance to the Chilean regulations, related to border measures, with Trade Related Intellectual Property Aspects Agreement, as well as the Customs attributions, in accordance with their own regulations and local laws. These measures are also consistent with property rights protection agreed by Chile in the free trade agreements subscribed with other countries, including the European Community.
The case is now being reviewed on Iquique´s Court, which has received four complaints form Costums for contraband and other illegal acts, and criminal complaint from the affected party. The Court should now decide about the destiny of this goods.

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