06 / 03 / 2019

The Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker, recently presented “Maylen”, the first commercial variety of Chilean table grape, which was born after 30 years of research and as a result of the public and private partnership.

This new plant variety, whose name is “Iniagrape-one”, was developed completely in Chile, thanks to the joint initiative of the Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) and the company Biofrutales .During this process, Villaseca Abogados has been part of the team that has provided advice legal for the development of license agreements for the new variety as well as trademark registration for the variety called Maylen in countries such as the United States, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, European Union and Egypt.

The variety “Maylén” -word of Mapuche origin- is a blue-black grape of natural appearance, without seeds, of intense flavor, with improved post-harvest properties that enable it to reach distant markets, according to its producers.

Regarding this, the Secretary of State said: “We need to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the world in our production, we need healthy, organic food, varieties with our own identity and this variety, rather than being consumed worldwide, is a variety that goes to the niche markets of high price, because the flavor is paid and it is a variety of very good flavor “.

This variety meets one of the fundamental challenges of Chilean agriculture that is to innovate in order to compete in the increasingly demanding world markets.