05 / 05 / 2012

The Agricultural Research Institute (INIA), attached to the Ministry of Agriculture and the main agricultural research institution of Chile, join to Colección Chilena de Recursos Genéticos Microbianos (The Chilean Collection of Microbial Genetic Resources, hereinafter “CChRGM”), was named by the WIPO as International Depositary Authority for Microorganisms for the purposes of patent procedures (IDA) in force from March 26, 2012. This was achieved after comply with the requirements specified in Article 6(2) of the Budapest Treaty dated on April 28, 1977, and amended on September 26, 1980. This announcement has converted to Chile as the first Latin American country accredited as IDA and the third American country after USA and Canada.

Up until now, the CChRGM has managed the conservation and use of microbial genetic resources in Chile, currently hosting more than 2,150 different microorganisms. After the announcement as IDA, the CChRGM makes available a platform for management of microbial resources, which provides support and specialized information for the acquisition, identification, maintenance and distribution of microbiological genetic resources.

CChRGM may receive for long-term deposit microorganisms comprising nematodes, fungi (molds, filamentous fungi, yeasts, higher fungi), bacteria (including actinomycetes), microorganisms which contain plasmids; those which can be preserved, without any alteration to their properties, by means of sub-culture and storage in cryopreservation and lyophylization, exceptionally conserved in vivo in a liquid medium. CChRGM will further accept pathogenic microorganisms from plants, antagonists of phytopathogens, entomopathogens, mychorrizas, endophytes of plants, bioremediators and microorganisms from industrial processes. Only, those animal and human pathogenic microorganisms and/or of unknown nature origin or identification are excluded from being deposited as such. Finally, for the time being, algae, protozoa, human cell lines, animal viruses, hydrydomes, phages and nucleic preparations cannot be received.

The Official total cost of the process that includes verification, approval and storing for 30 years, by the CChRGM, would cost around US$30.000. Special conditions of the deposit shall be established and negotiated case by case, as appropriate.

For more information about this matter, please contact to Felipe Vargas: