06 / 10 / 2022

“Intellectual Property in the Fintech world” is the name of the webinar that Villaseca Abogados organized together with FinteChile. About 90 people participated in this training on the main concepts and challenges of this industry. Lorena Ramis, a member of FinteChile’s Women in Fintech (WIF), led this event. In it, Max Villaseca, managing partner of the firm, welcomed and introduced the exhibitors from Villaseca Abogados: the partner Álvaro Arévalo and the associate Claudia Varas.

“Do you know how to promote your brand?”, Álvaro Arévalo asked the participants. The partner explained that one of the main challenges for startups to strengthen their commercial brand is that

the name was not only an information descriptor of what they do but also of the actor they are. In addition, he stressed that the challenge is “to aim to protect both the trademark or domain name, but also these true assets that are everything in these technology companies.”

On the other hand, Claudia Varas focused part of her speech on the relationship between the brand and the domain name of the company on the Internet. About this, he pointed out: “The most important thing about the domain name is that it allows the marketing and positioning of the brand on the Internet and in a global market and that will favor contact with customers.”

If you are interested in the information that was discussed in this webinar, you can watch it again at this link: https://cutt.ly/gCELBxK